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Your Home Team
We have all seen them. That listing that seems to just sit around forever. We get asked all the time, what is wrong with that home at (insert address here). Many times it is just a case of a listing going stale. After a lot of time on market people start to wonder what is wrong with that home, how come that home wont sell, is there something that I don't know about that home. Time on market can be one of the most negative factors affecting that home. Many agents try to cancel and relist a property, thinking that this will hide the days on market of a property, but in this day and age of Zillow and tracking properties for sale this is simply a way of making a seller feel better about their stagnant listing. What this home really needs is a rebranded listing. A fresh approach, some new life. Think about, is the 14th open house on this property finally going to convince someone this is the home for them? No, in fact over-open homes tend to drive buyers away, the thought being, "how many other people have decided against that home, something is wrong with it" We have several ways to rebrand an old listing that will attract new buyers to your home. Want to find out how you can go from listed to sold? Call Your Home team, LLC and ask us how we can rebrand your listing.

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